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15 Gorgeous Makeup Tries To Find Blue Eyes

If you are one of those lucky females who were born with blue eyes, you’re gon na like this short article. We have actually looked for the best makeup looks for blue-eyed females and complied them into 15 easy detailed tutorials. These makeup looks will make your blue eyes shine and sparkle, no matter what shade they are.

Get inspiration for your new daily or night out makeup. There’s makeup look for every event.

1. Burgundy Makeup Look

Burgundy Makeup Look for Blue Eyes


Burgundy makeup look will open your gorgeous eyes and make them pop. This color is very flattering on blue eyes. This appearance is for you if you desire to capture everybody’s attention.

Action 1:Prime your eyes and apply a base, matte shadow that’s close to your complexion. Apply light yellow/orange shadow to the crease and blend. There should not be any extreme lines. To the outer half of the crease apply a touch of warm brown shadow.

Action 2:Apply burgundy shade and utilizing a tidy blending brush, mix all the shadows together. Whatever needs to look mixed and effortless.

Step 3:Blend both colors on your lower lash line utilizing a pencil brush. This action will make your eyes look bigger.

Step 4:Highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of your eye. Utilize off white, shimmer shade. Add mascara and brown liner to the lower waterline. Finish the look with false lashes.

2. Purple Smokey Eye

Purple Smokey Makeup for Blue Eyes


Purple smokey eye will help highlight your blue eyes. This appearance combines peachy and purple eye shadows to create a strong look that’ll last all day. Follow the actions listed below and easily recreate this spectacular appearance.

Action 1: Begin by applying an eye shadow primer. Pick an eye shadow in matte, light peach shade and apply it all over your eye with big blending brush. Make sure it’s flawless. Apply a black eyeliner that’s easy to smudge out. You will smudge it out so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Step 2: Dip your smaller brush into a dark brown shadow and smudge out the eyeliner until you get a softer look.  This step may take a while but the ending result will be worth it.

Step 3: Apply a dark purple shadow with matte finish all over your entire lid.  Using a clean blending brush, gently blend out the eye shadow.

Step 4: Don’t forget to define your lower lash line. Your lower lash line should be connected with the shadow on your lid. Finish the look by applying a frosted taupe shadow  on your crease, apply mascara and false lashes and you’re ready to go!

3. Rose Gold Makeup Look

Rose Gold Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes


Everybody likes an excellent shimmer. Pinks, golds, coppers, and abundant browns all work well with blue eyes. This appearance is ideal option for special occasions.

Action 1: To make your eye shadow last longer, apply eye shadow primer. With big blending brush, apply a neutral eye shadow all over your lid. On top of it, apply  white eye shadow as a base shade and blend it out with a brush or finger.

Step 2: In the center of the lid, apply rose gold eye shadow.

Action 3: Pick dark brown eye shadow and apply it in the outer and inner corner of the eye with a pencil brush. Blend everything out with a clean and fluffy brush. Make sure the color stays concentrated in the outer and inner corners. Don’t extend it too far.

Step 4: Apply brown eye shadow on your lower lash line, too. Apply winged liner, mascara and false lashes (optional). Done!

4. Gold Makeup Look

Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes


This mix of gold, brown and purple will make a fantastic contrast with any shade of blue eyes.

Step 1:Great makeup appearance begins with a good eye primer.Make sure to use all of it over your lid, followed by a base shadow. Blend a soft taupe color into the crease of your eye to create a look of a more noticable, much deeper crease.

Action 2Smoothly apply your chosen gold eyeshadow.

Step 3Develop the color with your finger. It does not require to be extremely tidy considering that you will blend whatever out. Attempt no to touch the center of the product.

Step 4With.A strong, liquid line with this look is an essential. Complete the appearance with incorrect lashes.

5. Black Matte Smokey Eye.

Black Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes


The secret for a best smokey eye is– mixing, blending, mixing! Your smokey eye need to be gently blended at the edges, without any severe lines. Ignore cheap eye shadow applicators and invest in couple of excellent brushes. They’ll do the entire work for you. Pair your smokey eye with a naked color lipstick for balance.

Action 1Begin by applying a guide and base shadow. Use a matte, grey shadow on your eye lid and blend it. With a pencil brush, include matte, black eye shadow to your lash line.

Step 2Include a touch of color on the lower lash line and blend it out. Take a look at your eyes and make sure whatever is combined.

Action 3Highlight the inner corner of the eye and eyebrow bone. Line your water line with black pencil.

Step 4Curl your lashes, include mascara and complete the look with long, wispy incorrect lashes.

6. Standard Eyeshadow Look.

Basic Eyeshadow Look for Blue Eyes


Simple brown look will definitely highlight all of the blueness in your eyes. To accomplish this easy daily appearance, follow the actions listed below.

Step 1This look utilizes only three shades. Begin by priming your eye. Apply the medium brown eye shadow, as shown on the image.

Action 2Blend out the eye shadow however attempt not to get too much of the color onto your cover.

Step 3To add some definition to the eye, use dark brown shade on the external corner.

Step 4Blend the colors together with a cream shade. Add black eyeliner and mascara.

7. Cut Crease.

Cut Crease Tutorial for Blue Eyes


Cut crease eye makeup needs the direction of a professional. That’s method we chose this simple step-by-step guide by a cosmetics artist. Samantha R. .

Action 1To achieve the appearance, start with eye primer. Apply it to the whole lid. Next, apply base shadow and white emphasize.

Action 2With a black eyeliner, sketch in a crease liner. Make certain your sketches match.

Step 3Carefully and gradually blend the liner out with a shading brush. Apply and blend a purple eye shadow (or any other) over the line.

Step 4Include eye shadow beneath the lower lash line and.wing out your eye liner. End up the look with mascara, false lashes and some white highlight in the inner corner of the eye.

8. Simple Everyday Appearance.

Simple Everyday Look for Blue Eyes



In some cases you just need a simple and fast makeup appearance to look awake and well rested. These 4 steps will assist you get gorgeous quickly.

Step 1Use your eye guide and base shadow all over the cover. The base shadow will make blending much easier.

Step 2Enhance your eye by highlighting the inner corner of the eye, the center of the lid and under the eyebrow with your lightest shadow. This is the simplest technique to make your eyes more open and awake.

Step 3With a smaller sized, denser brush recreate the shape from picture # 3. Use your darkest brown shade.

Step 4Utilize big, fluffy blending brush to develop a soft appearance. As typical, finish the look with mascara and lashes.

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