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10 Easy Makeup Tips

25 Makeup Tips You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

We are so ecstatic to show you this unbelievable list of makeup pointers and tricks. They are ideal for a novice due to the fact that they are incredibly easy therefore wise! You will be thinking, why didn’t I believe of that?

We also attempted to incorporate a number of videos really demonstrating the pointers because, if you resemble us, videos makes it so much simpler to follow and show that it in fact works!

1. Contour your nose with a fork to create the perfect lines

Contouring can be a bit intimidating, but this genius makeup hack takes some of the guesswork out! Use a fork to create perfectly placed straight lines when contouring your nose. While I believe doing a complete contour on your face every day can be a bit over the top, I have actually been impressed at the results of nose contouring.

2. Usage scotch tape for fantastic winged eye liner

Do you dream of completely drawn winged eyeliner you see on other women? When you go to do it ends up looking … well, not perfect.

Simply take a piece of scotch tape, pull it on and off the back of your hand a couple times to make in a bit less sticky so as not to hurt your more delicate eye location. Put it where you want the bottom line to be. Make use of your eyeliner like normal, manage the tape and voila!

3. Utilize a straw holder to save your makeup brushes

Makeup Tips: Use a straw holder to store your makeup brushes

Speaking of genius storage makeup tips, our next one is …

4. Utilize a tablet box to keep your incorrect eyelashes

Makeup Tips: False lashes storage hack

We like this next storage hack on our list of makeup pointers. It will keep them different, clean, and in good shape to reapply the next time you want to use them.

5. Make any lipstick matte utilizing translucent powder

With this makeup hack, you can instantly transform any lipstick you own into a matte one! You can make it yourself! Keep out your translucent powder for this next one on our list of genius makeup suggestions …

OR you can buy this genius productItem. Insta Matte from Smashbox. Shown in the video above.

6. Dust your lashes with powder prior to applying mascara to acquire instant volume

Makeup Tips: Baby Powder for Longer Lashes

I love makeup tips utilizing products you currently have in your makeup bag. Now, at the end of the day, you’ll need this next makeup tip …

There is absolutely nothing worse than oversleeping eye makeup. It feels heavy and scratchy and you wake up with raccoon eyes. What if I informed you that by removing your eye makeup, you can likewise help your lashes be healthy and grow longer? That’s the perfect inspiration I require after a long night. Here’s what you do:.

Gently rub a small quantity of coconut oil on your eyelids and lashes to loosen eye makeup. Take a cotton pad and quickly clean it all off. You’ll be left with tidy, nourished skin and it assists you grow longer lashes! See step-by-step photos. on the extremely popular beauty blog Maskcara . This is no joke; she is an appeal specialist and raves about this simple and inexpensive solution!

7. Include highlighter to any lipstick to make it metal

We currently showed you how to make any lipstick matte in our makeup tips above. Now, you can make any lipstick metallic. Yes, that means that all lipsticks you own are now a 3-in-1! And again, this is simply with an item already in your makeup bag.

Merely scrape a bit of your highlighter and include the powder to your lipstick for a gorgeous metallic shade. If you don’t want to lose some of your favorite, you can utilize a less pricey highlighter too. This is the best makeup hack to take your appearance from day to night.

8. When you put on mascara to protect against those frustrating black spots, use a spoon

Simply take a spoon (plastic or metal works) and hold it behind your lashes as you use your mascara to act as a guard versus any pesky roaming marks. Without having to stress about making a mess, you will discover you can apply your mascara much better for a thicker, more abundant look.

9. Make a clipboard or plastic plate into a brush cleansing mat

Makeup brush cleansing is necessary to prevent germs that can cause acne from getting on your skin. Reduce the time it requires to clean up out your brushes with this fantastic hack. You’ve probably seen those mitts with the little grooves that you can buy in the shop that assistance remove the gunk in your brush and clean it out much faster.


Well, you can quickly make a DIY variation with this makeup hack. Merely use a hot glue gun and add a pattern of zig-zag dots and lines to either a plastic plate or the back of an inexpensive plastic clipboard. It resembles a lot more glam variation of the washing boards from the olden days.

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Do not have the time or supplies? Buy a. cleansing mat. or the. mini version. for extremely inexpensive!

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