How To Get Long Beautiful Thick Hair

Today I will tell you the remedy of a very common Issue which is Hair Fallout.

There are many causes of Hair Fallout, but because of our Stress full lifestyle this issue is commonly for many women.

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I also faced the same issue and one of my friend helped me and told me this remedy. This Remedy is their Family tradition. And after trying this remedy i have seen a very visible difference because of which I don’t have any hair fallout issue, so lets start.

For that we need one onion . Peel it off and cut it from both sides Then you guys have to grate the onions. Grate the onion to take out onion juice You have to grate is carefully so that you don’t hurt yourself. After grating I will strain it with the help of the strainer to make sure that we take all the water out press it with the spoon.

Now we will add 1 table spoon olive oil in onion water Now mix these both ingredients very properly and now our mixture is completely ready to apply.

You will apply this mixture on your scalp using your fingers. Massage it gently on your scalp to get the best results Keep this mixture on your scalp for at  least 30 minutes and then wash it with tap water.

You have to apply this remedy for two to three weeks to get the best results And this remedy is good for both hair fallout and also the growth of your hair so guys do try this remedy if you face the problem of hair fall and don’t forget to thank my friend because of which we got such a good remedy Thank you for reading my post.