8 Beauty Tricks From Wooden Combs To Green Tea

The life of a fashion designer can be demanding– however even in a world of constant creating, 70-year-old Norma Kamali finds time to concentrate on attaining inner peace.

In her brand-new book, Confronting East, Kamali and Dr. Jingduan Yang explore the methods which ancient Chinese medication and old beauty secrets lend themselves to a more conscious life in the present.

Want in on a few of Kamali’s most treasured tips? You’re in luck! The renowned designer discussed her biggest health-saving practices exclusively with TODAY.

1. Want lovely hair? Use a wood comb

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Combing your hair with a wood comb promotes the pressure points in your head and skull. It’s exceptionally relaxing, and it benefits blood pressure and your total wellness. Apply it to a regular you can show someone you enjoy– for several years I would do that as a present for my mama.

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2. Desire to get rid of wrinkles? Wash your confront with green tea

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3. Assist your organs recharge and relax by massaging your ears.

All these pressure points affect how you feel. Create a sensation of wellness or eliminate pain and pain by making the effort to gently massage various locations of the body.

Sugar is the devil! I really attempt to remove sugar completely from my diet plan. Due to the fact that there are different forms of sugar in whatever we consume, I do not consume processed foods. Anything that is touched by any sort of processing– you have to state no. There’s insufficient information about sugar and how it really does not just age you, but infects you.

5. Add avocado, honey or walnuts to your diet for more peaceful sleep.

Foods that have tryptophan are terrific for assisting you sleep, which is so crucial for remediation– the reverse of sugar. If you desire to remain fresh, essential and feel healthy and fresh, sleep is the antidote.

6. The trick to hydration? Room-temperature water.

Ice water sort of obstructions everything up. It hardens the grease if you’re having something greasy and put cold water into your body if you have that visualization of what cold water does … it definitely is not healthy.. So it’s much better to consume water that is a compatible temperature level to that of your body.

7. Do not cover!

We tend to believe that concealing what we’re not that happy about is going to make us look better, but it really appears like we’re concealing something– it exposes this secret that we’re not that excellent. Body and self-confidence relate to showing ourselves. If we start to conceal or hide things, it becomes this dirty little secret about what we’re insecure about.

8. Welcome your natural charm.

If you take the best actions and do things (like cut sugar), you do see results that are favorable, and then it makes you seem like you do not require to conceal your skin with makeup. Taking actions to enhance who we are– precisely the way we are, not attempting to pretend we’re something else– is actually the most empowering and releasing experience for a lady.

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