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10 Hottest Eye Makeup Looks

Take a look at these 10 most popular eye makeup looks…

If you’re a little a comprise buff, then you’ll love to keep top of the most current makeup patterns and incorporating them into your daily look. Thanks to Styles Weekly, you no longer require to hunt low and high for the most recent makeup patterns, because we’ve gathered them here for you in one post! Here are the most recent eye makeup looks which will take your hearts.

1. Subtle Smokey Eye with Eye Liner

This natural and gorgeous look is utterly ideal for a daytime look. Blend a brown shade from the crease out towards the outer corner, also including some shadow to the bottom eyelid.

2. Purple Smokey Eye

Starting with a nude shade in one corner, mix the shadow out towards a mauve shade of purple at the outer corner, producing a stunning smokey look. Include a shimmery white to the water line of the inner corner, and use eye liner to hug your lash like and complete with a flick for a wonderful night time look.

3. Natural Smokey Eye with Thick Eye Liner.

This natural and fantastic appearance is oh so spectacular– don’t you agree? Start by blending a subtle shade of brown into the crease.

4. Pink Shimmery Smokey Eye.

This glamorous and terrific pink glittery smokey eye looks complicated however is so easy to recreate– we assure! A thick eyeliner line right across the eye will complete the look perfectly.

5. Subtle Shimmer and Thin Eye Liner Line.

Another subtly and beautiful shimmer look to contribute to this collection! This colour works from a beautiful and light shimmery shade from the inner corner and water line, blending to a gorgeous gold shade in the centre of the cover, and out towards a brown on the external corner and gently in the crease. A thin line with a long flick completes the appearance completely.

6. Natural Brown Eyeshadow Blend.

This sensational comprise look has well and really taken the hearts of the Styles Weekly office! This lovely brown eyeshadow blend works from a creamy neutral shade in the inner corner out towards a dark chocolate brown at the external corner. The dark brown is also combined throughout the crease. A subtle eyeliner line with soft flick ends up the appearance off.

7. Gold and Brown Glittery Style with False Lashes.

This sultry gold eye shadow appearance is stunning and glittery– simply best for an event or a special event! With your shimmery gold shade, sweep from the inner corner to the centre of the eye.

8. Brown Eyeshadow with Subtle Gold End Up.

Hottest Eye Makeup Looks - Makeup Trends

This lovely brown look is dark and bold– just what we like at the Styles Weekly office! Choose your warm brown shade and sweep across the lid, working it up into the crease and blending gently.

9. Glittery Eye-shadow with Highlighted Eyebrow Bone.

Hottest Eye Makeup Looks - Makeup Trends

This stunning comprise look is glittery and eye catching– and we merely adore it! This gorgeous style begins with a matte brown shade subtly worked throughout the crease, and ended up with a pigmented glittery gold right throughout the eyelid. Finished with a highlighted shade to specify the eyebrows and across the cheekbones– we like this look.

10. Bronze and Brown with a Thick Flick.

Hottest Eye Makeup Looks - Makeup Trends


This gothic and amazing appearance is just striking– and boy do we love it! Dealing with a beautiful gold shade right across the eyelid, which has been combined out subtly to a lighter brown throughout the crease. The gold has been added right in the inner corner for a sparkle, and the look is finished with a thick eyeliner shade and flick, with chunky false eyelashes to complete.

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We absolutely enjoy this collection of stunning comprise looks– and can’t stop swooning at the stunning collection of eye shadow styles! We hope these helpful tutorials have helped you recreate these looks on your own– let us know what you ‘d like to see next.