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Makeup Artists Best Kept Secrets

I have a confession to make: I invest an unhealthy quantity of time seeing makeup tutorials on YouTube. However it’s not my fault. If my mother hadn’t let me parade around like a clown when I was in the 7th grade, I most likely wouldn’t be as obsessed with attempting to look regular.

The great news is that, throughout the numerous (many) nights I have actually sat at this desk searching for the finest suggestions and techniques to help me deceive people into believing I’m not a troll, I stumbled upon Wayne Goss’s channel , and I instantly fell in love.

Wayne has this incredible method of breaking down the terrific world of makeup into bits and bites that I can actually comprehend, and he is constantly sharing the best kept tricks of makeup artists, that make a huge distinction when you’re trying to make yourself look excellent in very little time.

I’ve learned a lot of great makeup tips and techniques from his tutorials, and decided I had to share my favorites with all of you. These clips will teach you whatever you need to know– how to hide acne scars, how to make your nose look smaller sized, how to cover dark circles– and more!

Obviously, makeup artists tend to advise products that are a little on the costly side, so I have actually included tips on more budget-friendly options I have actually tried and checked myself so you can provide these makeup artist tricks a shot without breaking your checking account. The majority of these items are offered at your local pharmacy, however on the occasion that you choose to buy whatever online like me, I’ve included affiliate links as well!

Give this technique a try if your structure has a propensity to vanish from your face by the end of the day. It goes against whatever I’ve ever discovered about applying dry makeup before damp makeup, however it actually, truly works! Here are inexpensive product alternatives I used when testing this makeup hack out– you can click the image or the links listed below to discover more and/or purchase each product!

Want best eye liner, however can’t appear to master how to use it correctly? Then this trick is for you. It took me a few shots to find out– I started with a charcoal eye pencil and worked my method approximately a gel eyeliner like Wayne suggested– however it actually does work!

If the teenage years were unkind to you and left you with acne scars, this fast technique on how to smooth your skin and make acne scars disappear will alter your life! Remember not to utilize makeup that will make your face radiance as it will accentuate your problem locations. Matte is a must! You can purchase a bag of 100 Wonder Wedge Cosmetic Wedges on Amazon for less than $7 (vital for this technique of Wayne’s!), and if you experience oily skin, we’ve evaluated loads of different mattifying products and put together this list of the finest foundations for oily skin , all of which cost less than $30.

This quick idea on the relationship in between the positioning of your brow and the size of your nose has actually been a video game changer for me. The very first day I used this trick, someone in fact stopped to tell me I have a good nose. I’m not kidding.

I’m fortunate enough not to have puffy bags (yet), but I am amazed at how easy and efficient this idea is. I have actually tried a bunch of different alternatives in the last several months, and the only one I ever have luck with is the Smashbox High Definition Concealer . I use it extremely sparingly and never ever use power overtop, and I’m always pleased with the outcomes.

If you have big pores like I do, and find applying foundation can sometimes make them look MORE noticeable, this incredible and easy pointer will provide you that flawless appearance you have actually been searching for. It has made a HUGE distinction in my appearance, however I do need to exfoliate and moisturize my skin ahead of time or it causes my skin to look flakey and dry. I have actually featured the products I use to effectively pull this genius trick off below– you can click on the images or the links to discover more!

You will ENJOY this technique if you hate clumpy mascara as much as I do. I really had an eyelash comb in my makeup drawer from a gift set a buddy gave to me a number of years ago, however I never understood what to do with it. However after offering this concept a shot, I am amazed at how beautiful and curled my lashes look and I’ve never ever looked back. Try!

For whatever factor, my undereye area has actually always been bothersome for me. The skin is always too dry, and concealer constantly settles and/or creases into my fine lines and looks abnormal and cakey. After using the items listed below to ensure my skin is hydrated and primed, and then following up with this genius tissue trick, my concealer looks AMAZING.

This trick will save your life if you have a propensity of botching your eye shadow like I do!

If you’re an exhausted mother like me, these suggestions for using concealer are SIMPLY what you require!


If you’re a fan of phony tanner, but dislike the orange glow it leaves on your skin, inspect out this REALLY EASY pointer on how to make it look more natural. You can thank me later. And if you’re new to the world of self-tanner, we’ve assembled a list of. terrific pointers to teach you how to use it appropriately. You can get a natural, smooth-looking tan without subjecting your skin to the sun’s damaging rays.

From foundation and contouring, to step-by-step eyeshadow application, to hiding acne scars and dark circles, this collection of makeup artist secrets includes fabulous tutorials to teach you how to apply makeup properly. Perfect for beginners as well as more seasoned beauticians, these beauty tricks will teach you so many great beauty tricks and tips to help you look and feel your best every single day.

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