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Quick & Easy Eye Makeup Tricks

The simple and fast eye makeup look is perfect for those occasions when you want to develop a look that states, I got prepared BUT I didn’t attempt to try it out. It’s an action up from the no-makeup makeup look but it’s not the Instagram glam . It’s sexy yet casual, and the shadowing is soft enough not to overpower your eyelids, but still creates that smokey eye effect. Perfect for that daytime look or for wearing out on a date night!

Easy Eye Makeup


  • Guide
  • A natural beige eye shadow– this will be the natural base that will highlight your eyes
  • A soft beige/brown eyeshadow
  • A darker brown eye shadow
  • A black eye shadow
  • A soft eyeshadow brush
  • A soft mixing brush
  • A small eyeshadow brush
  • A brown/black kohl eye liner
  • Incorrect eyelashes or mascara
  • Optional (utilize a light shimmery gold to complete the look and take it from day to night).

Action 1.

Initially, you will want to prime your lid by patting on a small amount, we enjoy Bobbi Brown Guide, MAC Paint Guide in Bare Canvas or Nude OR you can make your own utilizing our awesome DIY primer . This will act as a base for your make-up to stick to. Using a soft eyeshadow brush, sweep the natural coloured eyeshadow over your eye, which will brighten the appearance of your eyes and even out the eyelid so it’s all the same color.

* Why do we do this? Examine your eyelid, you most likely have various colors present on your eyelids, possibly little veins, skin tone variations, and so on this evens out the cover so that you are working with a blank canvas.

Action 2.

With a soft kohl pencil (make sure it’s not too blunt) thoroughly line your lower cover above your eyelash line. Use a dark brown pencil to create a softer appearance, or a black if you desire somewhat darker eyes. A better quality pencil will glide on to your eye a lot easier– a great liner is Dior Waterproof Crayon Eye Liner ($ 29) which defines your eyes in a fast stroke and has a blending suggestion applicator at the other end of the pencil. Attempt producing a little flick at the corners of your eye if you have a steady hand. This pencil will line your upper lids and help develop that smokey result.

Step 3.

Taking a light-medium brown powder, apply a stroke of colour to the crease of the external part of your eyelid– this will produce that smoky impact when your eye is open. Use a soft mixing brush to guarantee the colours look natural and mix together well with the rest of your eyelid.

Step 4.

Utilizing a somewhat smaller eye shadow brush and a black eye shadow, carefully sweep throughout the line you have actually simply created. Don’t build up too much shadow on your brush– you desire a percentage which will create a subtle smokey eye effect on your lash line. You can use a gold shimmer to take the look from day-to-night or just include an additional pop, we used the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Gold for this.

Step 5.

Apply natural looking false eyelashes, taking care not get the glue on your eyelid. Additionally, you can include a coat of mascara to define your lashes and open your eyes.

And there we have it; a simple and quick eye makeup look that you can contribute to you go-to toolbox! It may take some practice once you have actually refined it, your eyes will be looking subtle and a little smokey! As soon as you have actually refined this look you can mix it up with any color mix for some truly fun looks!

What are your favorite color combinations for your eyes?

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