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5 Tips on How to Mix Eye Shadow Seamlessly

Eye shadow needs to be an essential component of your everyday makeup routine. It is an exceptionally flexible makeup product; dark eyeshadows can develop a remarkable smoke eye look for a night out on the town, while bright, colorful, and glittery eye shadows are great for a celebration and eye shadows in more neutral colors can be the perfect addition to any daily look.


Eyeshadow is a significant part of a full face 0f makeup; it brightens your eyes and triggers them to stand out as a focal point of your face. Plus, eye shadow is relatively simple to apply, even for a lot of makeup newbies. Nevertheless, eye shadow mixing Can take some practice and may be difficult to get the hang of at. It’s a crucial part of using eye shadow since unblended shadows appear clearly choppy. If you think you could utilize some guidelines on eyeshadow mixing, keep reading to discover how to blend eyeshadow efficiently and flawlessly every time you apply it.

1. Balance Your Pressure


The amount of pressure you place on your brush while using eye shadow can make or break whether it ends up being adequately blended. If you layer your entire eyelid with heavy applications of eye shadow, it will be difficult to mix the layers of the colors you apply together without producing an untidy or muddled look. Instead, you can apply different quantities of pressure to your brush when applying eyeshadow to different locations of your eyelid in order to make it much easier for you to efficiently mix the different colors you use together.

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When applying eye shadow above your crease, use a little quantity of pressure on your brush. Use more pressure to build extreme color within your crease and as you mix outside towards the outer edge of your eye. Use a mid quantity of pressure as you sweep eyeshadow from the inner corner of you eye to the middle of your eyelid.

By regulating the quantity of pressure you apply to your brush while using eye shadow, you will make things a lot easier for yourself when you start trying to blend your colors as well as end up with a smoother appearance in general.

2. Mix One Color


That does not indicate you have an excuse to not mix if you’re somebody who likes a more neutral look and often just use one shade of eyeshadow for a look. Even if you do not apply separate eyeshadow colors and only use one at a time, you still require to blend the eyeshadow into your skin so that it looks smoother and more natural.

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To blend one color of. eye shadow. If you don’t blend your eyeshadow up towards your brow bone, it will turn out looking choppy and disconnected and can make your eyes appear bulgy. If the shade of eye shadow you are utilizing is too dark to blend up to your eyebrow bone, do not mix that up past your crease.

3. Use the Right Brushes.

There are countless eye shadow brushes offered on the existing makeup market. For eyeshadow mixing purposes, you actually only require 2 brushes: a smaller sized, more strong mixing brush and a larger brush with looser fibers.

Utilize the bigger sweep. brush. to blend eyeshadow into your crease and to swirl your colors together as you move up from your crease to your eyebrow bone. Use the smaller mixing brush to mix the eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyelid toward the middle of your eyelid and to mix eyeshadow that is sticking and difficult to budge.

4. Wash Your Brushes.


Washing brushes can be a trouble and is never ever anybody’s preferred task. Nevertheless, it is likewise exceptionally crucial. If you do not clean your eye makeup brushes and after that effort to blend your eye shadow after using the brushes to use various colors for a previous look, you’re going to wind up with a mess that looks muddy and stained.

You should clean your eyeshadow mixing and application brushes with warm water and a mild soap each time you utilize them for dark or dynamic colors that are likely to move to your eyelids and screw up your next look when you utilize them again. Professional makeup brush hair shampoo works most efficiently with very little effort. An outstanding professional makeup brush hair shampoo is the. Sephora Collection Purifying Brush Hair Shampoo .

However, makeup brushes do take a considerable amount of time to clean and to dry. If you forget to clean your eye makeup brushes and require to blend your eyeshadow right away, do not panic. In a pinch, you can get by with rubbing your brushes backward and forward on a light-colored hand towel. When both sides of the brush stop leaving a mark of the previous color they were utilized to apply on the towel, they’re excellent to use without fear of moving old color onto your eyelids and screwing up your make over. While this approach is useful, it needs to never serve as a replacement for in fact cleaning your brushes. Frequently cleaning your makeup brushes is necessary for keeping your health up and preventing inflammation and even infection.

5. Mix Your Crease Correctly.


Blending the crease of your eye is among the most challenging parts of mixing your eye makeup. Your crease should be the location where you apply the darkest eye makeup, so it can be difficult to mix it correctly to guarantee that it connects smoothly with the rest of your eyeshadow and does not look too significant or choppy.

When you first use eye shadow to your crease, draw a sharp line with the eye shadow that traces your crease from the external edge of your eye till you near the inner corner of your eye. To mix the choppy, excessively serious line you have actually just applied, swirl a bigger mixing brush in little circles beginning with the outer edge of your eye and mixing inwards until the colors look linked and smooth.

Mixing your eye shadow is an incredibly vital part of applying eye makeup that looks advanced and smooth. By utilizing the suggestions explained above in this post, you can guarantee that you constantly blend your eye shadow properly to produce a smooth and seamless finish for each look.

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