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HOW TO put on Liquid Eye Liner and Naris Up

I was looking for a good long lasting eye liner and i spotted this while i was shopping . It boosted that it was quick dry within 10 seconds and the tip was fine. Alright the packaging was not very appealing as such … but thought i will give it a shoot , approximately 9 USD it was a pretty good buy . In the end its a Japanese liner, what can go wrong ?Verdict.

This eye liner was everything I was trying to find, great pointer, damp pen liner, quick dry
As you can see from the picture below the suggestion is really fine which make it very simple to utilize. I tend to put my liner on in a rush in the early morning and this is certainly quick and simple to use, never need to do any repair up with it as it dry so rapidly.

When the eye liner gets to the top of your lids when you blink, I am sure the rest of you who are Asian will comprehend how agonizing it is. There goes the bloody make up and you have to renovate it or retouch which usually do not end well, you wind up with a bit of an uneven lid color as your trying to cover the area you wiped off with extra eye makeup.

The only frustration is that it dry up much quicker then other liners as it is 10 secs dry on your covers so you have to replace the cap as fast as you can to perverse the liner from drying out.

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All in all its still an excellent item it lasted me a about a month+.
For 9USD its definitely worth purchasing.

How to put your eye liner on?
.Many of your would have currently recognized with putting your liner on, but for those who are still discovering, I’ll simply so a quick summary prior to i enter into the various styles.
Refresher course for the novices prior to we get to the design
When using your liner you ought to always begin with the center of your eyes. This assists you get a much better line and likewise it help you keep a reasonably even form on both eye. Additional always so little stroke. You don’t need to do your eye liner in one line, for need to of the population that dose not work as non of us have both eye perfectly balanced..
Draw a bit of your liner and search for at the mirror to see where you are to ensure you do not go over board with the liner..
Wink the end of the eyes to elongate the line outwards.
What kind of style should your eye liner take?
Depending upon your eye shape and the appearance you seek I have actually collected a range of samples below to suite the style you are searching for. Personally I like to make the eyes look longer to get it length and then using the fake lashes. This make it more significant and specify on the top which enables a more clean and chick appearance.
The first example would match most eyes which i love. If you have mono-lids you can still use the exact same eyeliner method, you can choose to utilize double cover tap or glue, or just add a pair of long lashes and this is frame your eyes to make them stunning..
The next couple of examples shows the different designs you can accomplish to alter the appearances depending how you feel, so inspect them out.

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