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Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

Today we would like to talk with you more about how to get rid Of Greasy Hair. And here are a few tips that help get rid of greasy hair, some of which would leave you stunned as we were too, since we have been doing it wrong all the while.

If you did read our post on reverse hair shampooing , you would have one idea on how to get rid of greasy hair, but if you didn’t, we would say please do and follow the below mentioned ideas too, as these are some effective ways to make your hair less greasy. Whatever rocks your boat at the end of the day!

Reverse Hair Shampooing

We don’t want you to waste anymore time managing dull and limp or greasy hair, which is why we would teach you once again the concept of reverse hair shampooing and conditioning. Conditioning of the hair should be done first. Start by wetting your hair and then using a mild conditioner to the hair. Wait for a couple of seconds and while this happens, massage the hair and scalp well. Now use some water to wash away the conditioner. After this, use a little shampoo and wash your hair. This is a process that would strip excess hair oils from the scalp and prevent buildup and grease from staying back.

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Oatmeal Hair Care

If you thought oatmeal was for breakfast alone, you were wrong. There is an oil absorbing power with oatmeal when the paste of the same is used. What you should do is add a little shampoo to oatmeal and apply it to the hair. Massage the paste into the hair and wait for half an hour. Shower under cold water and pat dry. This is one of the ways to make your hair less greasy.

Best ways to make your hair less greasy

You Could Use Dry Cornstarch

Some of us have bad hair days and some have greasy hair days too. What you could do is to have a tablespoon of cornstarch powder combined with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and sprayed with a mist bottle on your hair. Wait for half an hour and then wipe off with a towel. You would see how less the grease in your hair is after each use.

Tricks To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

Baby Powder Can Be Used Too

One of the best ways to soak up the excess oils and grease from your hair would be by using baby powder. We love its smell any way. and your hair would be in good shape too. Sprinkle a little baby powder on the hair, touch the roots and massage the scalp with it. This would help decrease the oily limpy greasy effect.

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Fast

Use Your Hand Sanitizer

Pour a little hand sanitizer on your palms and massage it into your hair. The alcohol content of the sanitizer would help remove the grease and since it vaporizes instantly, it would also help in easy shampooing too. Do this before you head into the shower.

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Your Perfume

Your perfume to the rescue here when it comes to dealing with greasy hair, thanks to the alcohol content found in perfumes. Spray a little perfume on to your hair roots and use your fingers to blend and massage into the scalp. Head now into the shower for a hair wash!

Tips On How To Get Rid of Greasy Hair Naturally

Use An Astringent

Astringents are not for the face or skin alone, they can be used to bring down the grease content in hair too. Toners have plenty of alcohol in it, which can help combat the greasy hair too. You should apply a little astringent with your fingers on to the roots and the scalp, before you head into the shower.

How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast Naturally

Wet Tissue Wipes

Wet wipes or wet tissues are found everywhere, which is exactly why you could use this hack when you scream can i make my hair less greasy. Since there is enough alcohol content in wet wipes, you can rub one of the wipes on the roots and the tips of the hair to remove excess oils from the scalp and the tresses. Do this before a shower and then wash your hair.

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