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How to Look Stunning Without Makeup

Makeup is such a huge part of our society, and although it can be good to wear sometimes, it is primarily a hassle, specifically if you’re in college and are short on time. What if I were to tell you that there are manner ins which you can look stunning without makeup? Ways that you can appear like the most beautiful version of yourself?

A college girl's guide on how to look gorgeous without makeup

Over the years I have taken various acne medications, (all of them had extremely weird side impacts, like turning my shins blue, yikes) and I am finally at a point where I do not have to take any medication, and I hardly ever get a single pimple! I have put all of my tricks together in this post to assist other girls who, like me, want to be positive without wearing any makeup.

You have to stay hydrated to look gorgeous without makeup in college


I understand everybody gets worn out of individuals just being like all I do to keep my skin clear is drink water!!! since, like, no, your skin isn’t going to completely clear up just from drinking water. Since it clears the body of toxic substances, water can take your skin from looking dull to looking glowing. To consume the ideal amount of water everyday, it is crucial that you are purposely consuming water throughout the day.all over. I personally like to take thisBrita filter water bottle with me everywhere because it has a built in filter, but any bottle will work. Just keep in mind to consume water!

Wash your Face Every Day

Some people can never ever wash their faces and still not ever get a single pimple. It is really essential to cleanse your face of the dirt and things that get on your skin throughout the day.every day–.ideally in the early morning and at night. However, be tired of extreme acne face cleans, due to the fact that they can be actually irritating to your skin and can really make acne even worse in the long run.

My skin specialist advised that I utilize.Cetaphil facial cleanser.since it is extremely mild and will not irritate skin. It is one of the only cleansers that I have actually tried that does not dry my face out, which is uncommon. You must definitely attempt if you have acne prone skin.this.face wash or something comparable.

Avoid too much Sugar.

Every time I get a mango sweet tea from Sonic I break out. I love mango sweet tea * sigh * but I have to avoid drinking it since it isn’t good for my skin.


It keeps your skin hydrated, and like water, likewise keeps your skin from looking dull. If you don’t want to wear makeup, absolutely put some moisturizer on to make sure you look revitalized.this.moisturizer.

* pro pointer: while using your moisturizer, lightly tap it into your skin with your hands. This will assist your skin absorb it much better and will get your blood distributing, making your skin even more glowy!

Tea Tree Oil.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of my $300 * yikes * acne cream that I had actually been using for 2 years. It was prescribed by my skin doctor, but my prescription went out. I had actually heard/read a great deal of advantages about tea tree oil, so I chose to try it out. I started blending 1-5 drops (depending on if my face is quite clear or not) with my moisturizer every night and morning, and think what? It works.much better than my acne medication did.No method it works better than your $300 acne cream!! But it seriously does. If you’re looking to clear your acne, tea tree oil may be the response!

If you’re going to get some tea tree oil now, You need to take care when buying important oils due to the fact that some business will simply offer watered down stuff for the exact same cost as pure oils (* cough * Walmart I’m discussing you). I have actually personally used the tea tree oil that I connected and it works terrific.

Use coconut oil to get longer and darker lashes so that you can look gorgeous without makeup in college

Coconut oil for Longer & & Darker lashes.

Sadly, we are not all blessed with curly and black goddess lashes, so that makes it hard to want to go out of your house without wearing some mascara.! There is a way to make your lashes darker and longer without using mascara (which has some pretty harsh chemicals.) You guessed it! Coconut oil! Not just does it make your lashes look longer and darker when you put it on, but coconut oil likewise makes your eyelashes.grow.. Just twirl some coconut oil onto a spooly and run it through your eyelashes and you’re good to go!

Organic Teas.

I love natural tea. It is so helpful for you! A lot of natural teas are loaded with anti-oxidants. Different teas serve various functions, but my preferred tea to consume for skincare is this.cinnamon vanilla tea.. If you want to see more about what teas are good for your skin, hey there radiance.has a really good post about it!

Minimize Stress.

It is a sad fact that stress triggers breakouts, since it is nearly difficult to be stress complimentary throughout college. There are some methods to lessen your tension levels though! Head over to my post.How to Ease Anxiety in College.if you wish to know how I eliminate stress and anxiety in my life!

Be Confident.


Constantly keep in mind that no matter what society informs you, you are beautiful just the method you are! It isn’t makeup or pretty clothes that make a lady stunning, it’s self-confidence. Be confident in the truth that you are a you, a confident, smart, amusing, brave, bold female, (or man) and you will shine in every circumstance!

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