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Makeup Lover? 9 Hot And Colorful Eyeshadow How-Tos

Are you up for having fun with colorful eye shadows for your stunning eyes? Leave your confort zone and try these vibrant eyeshadow looks right NOW! Considering that we all have various eye colors, I thought I ‘d help you out in finding which color would suit your eyes best. Keep in mind, your eye must pop like it’s snow on a hot summertime’s day! Are you prepared to see which vibrant eye shadow will match you? Let’s go!

Vibrant Eye Shadow Tutorialsfor Brown Eyes

1. Yellow and Orange | Vibrant Eyeshadow Tutorials

Calling all the brown-eyed babes out there! The good news is that brown is a neutral color, which suggests you can really go nuts when it pertains to your eye makeup.

For women with dark brown eyes or hazel eyes, bronze and copper are the go-to colors for your eye makeup. Nevertheless, because we’re doing vibrant eyes today, we’re going to utilize yellow and orange rather (the colors are close to bronze and copper). Using these colors will make the yellow tint in your eyes pop!

To recreate this appearance, just put yellow eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes and line 1/3 of the eyes (from the inner corner). Follow it up with an orange shadow that you can use on the other half of the lids and 2/3 of your lower lash line.

2. Vibrant Green | Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorials

Hazel-eyed babes will enjoy green eyeshadow as it makes the eyes look greener. Teal is likewise a great color as it makes brown eyes look more dynamic!

How to do this colorful eye makeup for brown eyes? Next, use the bright green eye shadow on the eyelid, covering 2/3 of the eye.

For some, that would be enough. But if you want to do a smokey eye, you can apply a dark green eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye and after that pack on a dark brown on the external V and work your way into the crease. The secret to an ideal smokey eye is blending so simply keep doing that up until you accomplish the desired fierceness you are looking for.

3. Lime and Blue Carnival-Inspired Eyeshadow | Colorful Eye Shadow Tutorials

If you want to go bolder and possibly, truly try something brand-new for a modification, I advise this stunning lime and blue eyeshadow. What’s excellent about blue eyeshadow is that it really makes brown eyes pop due to the contrasting color. The blue likewise helps make the white of the eyes look brighter.

To do this look, start by applying lime green eye shadow all over the covers and approximately the crease. Apply the exact same color on the inner corner of the eye all the method listed below the tear ducts. Now get a blue eye shadow and work on loading the color on the external corner of the eye in addition to half of the lower lash line.

Utilizing a light blue eyeliner, line the inner part of the lower lash line midway and then utilize a dark blue eyeliner from the middle to the external corner of the eye. Now use a peacock blue liquid liner and line about a half of your upper lash line and then utilize a royal blue liquid eye liner to produce winged eye liner.

Vibrant EyeshadowTutorialsfor Blue Eyes

1. Electric Purple Smokey Eye | Vibrant Eyeshadow Tutorialsfor Blue Eyes

Now off to the blue-eyed babes out there who want to make their blue eyes pop with colors, colors, and more colors! Let’s see what colors will make your eyes stand out.

You have child blue eyes? Then you got the winning color right here, woman! Violet, purple, and lavender are terrific for baby blue eyes, particularly if you have blonde hair and reasonable skin too. Cool tones work terrific on blue eyes and if you wish to go dark, that will bring out the blue tones of the eyes even more.

To do this appearance, start by using a black Kohl pencil all over the lid and then buffing it. As soon as you reach the crease, make sure to buff and fade out. Next, use a plum purple eyeshadow all over the crease. You can layer it with a lighter purple simply to give the eyes more measurement. And to finish the purples, get a truly intense violet shade and use all the way from the inner corner of the lid to the outer corner. If you desire the seem more extreme, line your lower lash line with the very same plum purple eyeshadow you utilized on your crease.

2. Warm Orange Eyeshadow | Vibrant Eye Shadow Tutorials

Because these colors complement each other, the orange eye shadow looks remarkable on blue eyes. The brightness of the orange helps highlight the suppressed blue eyes. What I like about this appearance is that it’s relatively simple to do however it looks like you invested hours doing your eye makeup. If you want to attempt this try to find your next night out, just follow the detailed guide revealed in the image above.

3. Gold Smokey Eye | Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorials

Gold is a fantastic shade to utilize on blue eyes since its warmness contrasts the coolness of blue eyes. Because blue eyeshadow also looks good with infant blue eyes, let’s have the best of both worlds on this one, shall we?

To do this appearance, start by applying gold eyeshadow all over the covers and after that applying orange eye shadow on the external corner of the eye. Follow it up with a dark brown color to create an external V and work your way to a third of the eyelids. You can now load on more gold eyeshadow if you like if whatever is combined efficiently. Next, work on your lower lash line by applying a blue eye shadow and then a green eyeshadow under it. Blend to attain a gradient effect.

Colorful Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

1. Copper Red Eye Shadow | Colorful Eye Shadow Tutorials

Do you want to know what will make those green eyes pop and be the envy of everyone? Do inspect out these appearances!

Your finest bet is to always go for the contrasting colors in the color wheel like reds when it comes to green eyes. This copper red eyeshadow is gorgeous with green eyes and you can actually see how the color enhances green eyes. The most amazing feature of this tutorial is that it just takes less than 5 minutes to do too!

Apply the exact same eye shadow on the lower lash line. Due to the fact that these colors work terrific together in making green eyes pop! Now if you have little eyes, you can use black eyeliner on your waterline.

2. Purple Smokey Eye | Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorials

Another color reverse of green is violet. Violet or purple eye shadow effortlessly makes green eyes pop, whether you have true green eyes or hazel eyes. It’s simply really a fantastic color to utilize, and you can go light or dark with it as well.

To recreate this appearance, apply a magenta shade initially on the external corner of the eyes to the crease. Next, get a purple eye shadow and apply all over the cover.both on the crease and external corner of the eyes.

For more strength, apply black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye. It does not have to be best, but it ought to deepen the eyes even more. Use the same eye shadows with the violet on top and the magenta below it.

3. Mauve Matte Eyes | Colorful Eye Shadow Tutorials

Green eyes dazzle with pink, red, and purple eyeshadows. If you desire to utilize a combination of all those fantastic colors, I highly recommend you utilize mauve. Mauve is a shade that looks fantastic on the eyes along with the lips. Now, this look might be more subtle compared to all the other above, but I guarantee you that the color play is still something you’ll actually enjoy! Just follow the steps above to recreate this look.


Still finding out the ropes of eye shadow? Check out these fantastic hacks and suggestions for makeup newbies from Brianna Fox:

Spring may have ended, but our brilliant eyeshadow appearances are far from over.This summertime, go vibrant and go bright with these colorful eyeshadow ideas! Ditch the neutrals and the naturals, since honey, it’s time for color play and you would not wish to be excluded! So did that satisfy your colorful eye shadow yearnings? I hope it did! Prior to I go, please keep in mind to use eye shadow primerfirst as this helps heighten the colors of your shadows. It helps keep your eye shadow in location all day too.

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Likewise, if you truly wish to pack on the colors, you need to press your brush on the lids throughout application so you can really get as much color as you desire therein. And of course, don’t forget to finish your appearance with mascara or false eyelashes for more dramatic eyes! And enjoy playing with the colors!