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15 Leading Skin Tricks from a Hollywood’s Expert

The LadyGang had on Kate Somerville to respond to questions and share her top skin tricks. If you do not understand who Kate Somerville is, she is Hollywood’s skin care master. When you get a possibility, I extremely advise listening to the complete episode. here and if you don’t currently, subscribe to the LadyGang podcast….

How to Eliminate Sun Tan from Your Body Rapidly

Do you like a magnificent trip on the beach? Well, who doesn’t? You know the result of this fun and frolicking out in the sun– a tan! Yes, despite lathering thousandses of sunscreen and lotions on your skin, it tends to darken from the sunrays. No matter just how much you cover your face, you…

Skin Care Tips For Females in Their 30s

There are a lot of us in our 30s who desire to hold off on invasive skin care procedures but still–.ya know.— have killer, wrinkle-less skin. Is that too much to ask? Suggestions on how to best keep a fresh glow and lineless visage differs, naturally, depending upon one’s age. Fortunately for those of us…