10 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Girl Need To Know

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It’s hard being a woman– and handling makeup can be a genuine struggle often. Here are some life-changing makeup ideas you might not understand that will make your life a little simpler!


1. Use toilet seat covers as blotting paper.

Ever lacked blotting paper when your face is very oily? It’s not a cute look. Go to a public bathroom and take a seat cover, rip it up into smaller sized pieces and utilize it to de-grease your face!


2. Make lipstick last longer with a tissue and clear powder .

It is very irritating having your lipstick not sitting tight … which leads me to one of my favorite life-altering makeup tips. After applying your lipstick, take a tissue and location it over your lips. Take clear powder on a brush and dab it onto the tissue over your lips. Now your lipstick will sit tight!

3. Put petroleum jelly on your lashes prior to mascara to prevent clumps.

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In some cases you do not have time to redo your makeup after work or school on a night out. A fantastic way to repair up your mascara and prevent clumps is to take some petroleum jelly between your fingertips and rub it onto your lashes. Apply your mascara afterwards; no more clumps!

4. Cut open makeup tubes to get every last drop.

Makeup product packaging can be a genuine discomfort, but a fantastic way to get every bang for your dollar is to cut open your makeup tubes and scrape out the remaining makeup into another pot.


5. Use white eyeliner as an eye shadow base.

In some cases eye shadows turn out to be a little more blase then expected. Use a. white eye liner. as a base and it will actually make your eye shadow pop!

6. Restore your mascara with. eye drops. .

Put a couple of squirts of if your mascara gets dry and lumpy. eye drops. into the tube. It’ll melt the mascara so you can continue utilizing it.

7. Try baking your face.

A great method to reduce oil and keep concealer in location is baking. (Not.that.sort of baking -don’t worry, none of these life-changing makeup ideas requires the use of an oven!) This strategy is quite simple; just put your concealer (typically under the eyes) and mix it out. Then put a heavy layer of. clear powder. on top. Let it set for 5 minutes and after that knock off the staying powder.

8. Match your. foundation. to your neck.

To avoid your face being a different color from your neck, test structures on your neck and NOT your hand or wrist. This will offer you a much more natural look.

9. Hairspray. is a terrific brow gel option.

If you lack brow gel, do not worry, hairspray is a fantastic alternative. Spray a little onto a spooly and after that brush your rowdy brows. No spooly? Utilize a toothbrush! I ‘d recommend not doing this everyday– the hairspray may be a little severe on your skin.

10. The simplest method to balanced liner …

Eyeliner can be tricky. An excellent method to make certain. your eye liner. is in proportion is to put dots where you desire it to be. Simply link the dots and fill it in!

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