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5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eye Shadow

Colorful eyeshadow makes a dramatic appeal declaration. Vibrantly colored eyelids can be gorgeous and you can create countless stunning looks with vibrant eye shadow. You have a whole rainbow of possibilities available, which is an interesting prospect for brave beauty lovers who enjoy experimenting with new appearances.

Colorful eye shadow can likewise go wrong extremely rapidly if applied incorrectly, triggering you to look like you simply stepped off of the circus train. Luckily, there are several basic pointers you can utilize when try out colorful eye shadow application in order to make sure that you wind up with an intense, whimsical work of art instead of eyelids that look ridiculous or clownish.

1. Keep The Rest of Your Makeup Simple.

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow

When you use vibrant eyeshadow, it needs to be the focus of your makeup look. It’s never ever a good idea to pair shimmery blue eye shadow with bright pink lipstick or dramatic mauve blush. If you combine a lot of intense, vibrant, or dramatic components together in one makeup appearance, you’ll end up with a muddled appearance that looks disjointed. That much serious makeup is too hard to take in all at once and can appear frustrating.

Keep the rest of your makeup very basic if you use colorful eye shadow. A good guideline of thumb is to attempt to enhance your natural colors instead of layer various colors on top of your skin. Wear lip balm or naked lipstick instead of brightly colored lipstick or shiny gloss. Use a pale blush that accentuates the natural rosy color of your cheeks and cool it with the sharp contouring and shimmer bronzer.

When you’re using vibrant eyeshadow, you desire the intense shades you’ve thoroughly selected to be the centerpiece of your makeup. A neutral face and lip will help your colorful eye shadow stand out and look more sophisticated.

2. Amp Up Your Lashes and Brows.

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow

Although it is an excellent idea to deny the look of the rest of your face and lip makeup when you use colorful eyeshadow, it is very important to magnify your eyelashes and eyebrows for finest outcomes.

If you wear. bright pink eye shadow and one coat of mascara, your. eyelashes. will be lost against the background of your.colorful eyeshadow and your appearance will come out looking unbalanced. If you blend a gradient of shimmery, the exact same goes for your eyebrows;.blue eyeshadow as much as your brow bone and after that stop working to put any item in your eyebrows, you’ll end up appearing like you don’t have any eyebrows at all.

In order to keep your eye makeup look even and well balanced, develop up your eyelashes and eyebrows to the exact same level of your colorful eye shadow. Trace them with eyebrow powder or gel to help frame your vibrant eyeshadow and make it appear more natural on your face.

3. Usage Complementary Colors.

Every eye color has particular eye shadow colors that complement them and other shades that clash and cause your eyes to appear rinsed or blemished. When using remarkable, vibrant eyeshadow, it is crucial to ensure you’re using the ideal shades of intense eyeshadow for your individual eye color.

Purple and orange eye shadows create a beautiful complement for blue eyes. Pink and purple tones work well for green eyes. Blue, pink, and orange shades offer a lovely background for brown or hazel eyes.

By utilizing eyeshadow colors that match the color of your eyes, you can use your colorful and bright eyeshadow seek to highlight the appeal of you natural eye color and boost the appearance of your eyes as a whole.

4. Be Sure To Blend.

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow

Among the greatest obstacles when it concerns using.vibrant eyeshadow is attempting to make certain that the colors you use stick out without looking as though they were drawn on in a video game of adult fingerprinting gone wrong. Your eyes will end up looking silly and immature rather than brilliant and advanced if you do not adequately mix your vibrant eyeshadow.

Numerous people are hesitant to blend their eyeshadow after they have actually just invested a substantial amount of time building up a colorful look. They are naturally afraid that extreme blending will cause the eye shadow to fade into the eyelid and fail to appear as brilliant and colorful. In order to prevent fading while likewise ensuring that your eye shadow is combined enough, utilize a larger round-tipped eyeshadow brush and swirl it in light circles to mix the different colors of your eyeshadow together to develop a smooth and even look.

It is likewise essential to make certain that you blend your eye shadow equally all the way up to your brow bone. If you stop your application of colorful eyeshadow midway up your eyelid, your eye makeup is likely to turn out looking choppy and clown-like.

5. Use Different Shades.

Using colorful eyeshadow does not indicate that you need to just pick one color. In fact, quite the reverse is real. Among the biggest things about applying vibrant eyeshadow is that you can explore lots of various tones and mix them together in order to create a brightly colored masterpiece. If you just coat your eyelids in one color of eye shadow when attempting to produce a vibrant look, you will likely end up looking like you invested little to no effort or ability into your appearance. If you’re going to wear vibrant eye shadow, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have the talent to use it properly.

You can blend several various lighter and darker shades of the very same color to construct an even and advanced colorful eyeshadow appearance. You can also combine completely different color families into one colorful eye shadow look.


Applying.colorful eyeshadow can appear like a overwhelming and difficult task. It can likewise be incredibly enjoyable and assist you construct your makeup abilities and know-how on which colors match each other and which ones don’t. By utilizing the ideas explained above in this post, you can considerably ease the process of colorful eye shadow application and guarantee that your vibrant eye shadow looks end up brilliant and lovely each time.

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