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Beginner Eye Makeup Tutorial: Apply Eye Shadow and Eye Color

I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks on how to add some color into your eye makeup.

So let’s get started. The first thing that you should try is applying concealer foundation or an eye shadow primer on the lids. Not only will this give the eye shadow something to hold on to but it’ll also help to disguise any natural discoloration on the lid which will actually help the color of your eye shadows show up a little bit more and the main parts the eye are the lid area this is what you can see when your eyes are closed the crease area where the lid creases into the eye when the eyes are open and offer refers to any area above this but just stopping underneath the brow bone for color. However I split the lid into three sections an inner corner a middle and an outer corner and we’re going to be using a layering technique to make sure that all three areas are completely colored but still have some light and depth to create any eye makeup look.

We typically use three shadows a shade lighter a shade darker and then a medium shade however for color we use for the color that you’re choosing then one shade lighter than that one shade darker than that and then we have a mid-tone. Typically the mid-tone is the hardest thing to find my personal opinion is to go for a mid-tone that’s very similar to the color that you’re choosing but just a little less saturated in color, or alternatively it can be a lighter version of your contour to start off this look.

I’m going to apply in the mid-tone using a blending brush. Our mid-tone is a Shearer unsaturated version of our color or a lighter version of our contour shade a mid-tone should be matte and you want to apply this deep into the crease of the eye and then very softly blend it upwards. I like to keep my eyes slightly open and just look down in a mirror working the brush over and back and keeping a nice soft application and slowly building it up this will add a soft fade for the color that we’re going to apply onto the lids.

I’m going to take a slightly smaller blending brush and use this to apply the color choose any color that you want to and you want to really pack this onto the lids, but you don’t have to use a lot to start with. You can always build this up to make sure you get the intensity that you want. Don’t feel like you have to do the first layer completely perfect it’s a bit like applying nail polish two or three coats is sometimes needed to make sure that color shows up and you want to apply this really close to the lash line working upwards then towards the crease area covering the entire lid make sure as you get to the crease area. There’s not too much on the brush so you get that soft fade now taking a clean blending brush.

I’m going to apply the contour shade on that outer corner try and keep this just on the outer corner to start with really packing it on the outer third and then very softly sweeping out the edges the reason we cover the entire lid with the color and then layered this over the outer edge is just to make sure that everything works really well together. You’re gonna have a little bit of that color on the lid shining through underneath your contour so it’s a great way to make sure that everything is going to work really well together.

Now taking a flat brush we’re going to apply the lighter highlighter shade in this regard I went for a very pale color with a slight pinky purple undertone. It’s just going to make sure that it works really well with the colors that we’ve already applied we’re going to apply this really close to that tear duct area and then very gently sweep it covering the inner third of the lid and then there you go.

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Add some liner lashes and mascara and you’re good to go.