Finest PrePoo Dish For Natural Hair Ever

When I initially started my natural hair care programs I was all about the excessive care … or so I believed. I was so used to having my natural hair prosper that I took it for approved and begun taking easy faster ways that cost me money and length.

I decided (most likely about a week ago) that I would go back to some of my preliminary natural hair care techniques from the start of my natural hair journey. It means that I would start pre-pooing again, including heat to my deep conditioning sessions, and using more DIY products in my hair. I discovered about a year ago that my hair does not enjoy coconut oil as much as I ‘d want it did.

Finest PrePoo Recipe For Natural Hair Ever

I was viewing Youtube videos … you know … instead of doing real work and getting things done as per usual. And I faced one of Naptural85’s videos where she entitled it. Best Pre-Poo Routine For Natural Hair . I wasn’t sure if I ‘d really believe this was the best because I had my pre-poo mix down to a science back in my hay day! I viewed (the whole 12 minutes of it) and figured I ‘d give it a try … BEST choice ever!

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After my hairstyle last week my stylist told me that my hair is extremely dry, and this wasn’t the very first time I heard it. I required to discover a way to include moisture and keep wetness sealed into my hair … and this pre-poo helped me do just that. So I’ll stop discussing and solve into the nitty gritty … here’s what you’ll need


Aloe Vera Gel.

Additional Virgin Olive Oil.

Castor Oil.

Sweet Almond Oil.

You first rub the aloe vera gel on your scalp and leading half of your hair shaft (make sure you divided your hair into 4 sections to make it much easier for detangling and application as well) Then you simply include your oil mix onto the strands and pay close attention to the ends of course! I did sleep with this over night and I woke up with my hair feeling more amazing then I’ve ever felt it previously.

Instead of Sugary Food Almond Oil I utilized the Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil (left my scalp so tingly when it mixed with the Aloe Vera Gel … incredible!).

What is your go to pre-poo dish? Show us listed below in the comment box! You can likewise follow our devoted Natural Hair board on Pinterest for more natural hair suggestions, tricks and DIY!

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